Items I LOVE that I can’t do my job without!

This is where you can find all the tools and equipment I use in my kitchen when it comes to baking. They are all the BEST in the biz and my favorites!!

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cookie sheets

Baking Pans

In this section I’ll share my all time FAVORITE baking pans that are my go to, that are good quality, and brands that I trust. I’ll walk you through why it’s so important to have the right pans for your baking and how poor quality pans will affect the final outcome of your products.

Baking tools


A good baker has good tools! And Good tools help you create beautiful desserts, so of course in this section I’ll share all my favorite tools that I use in the kitchen and why they’re important to have.

tried and true tools (Page coming soon!)
Baking Ingredients


And finally the last piece to creating delicious and beautiful baked goods is QUALITY ingredients! I’ll give you my list of “can’t bake with out it” ingredients and why I love them.

quality ingredients… yes please!! (page coming soon!)

Some of my all time favs!!